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Taiwan, Republic of China

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Major Newspapers :

The Taipei Times

Apple Daily

The Liberty Times

Taiwan Panorama

Taiwan Today

United Daily News

The China Post


Major Banks :
Key Government sites :

Taiwan Government

Diplomatic Missions

Government Information Office

National Holidays :
 Republic Day/New Year's Day    January 01, 2019
Chinese New Year's Eve    February 04, 2019
Chinese New Year's Day    February 05, 2019
Chinese New Year Holiday 1    February 06, 2019
Chinese New Year Holiday 2    February 07, 2019
Chinese New Year Holiday 3    February 08, 2019
Chinese New Year Holiday 4    February 09, 2019
Peace Memorial Day    February 28, 2019
Children's Day    April 04, 2019
Tomb Sweeping Day    April 05, 2019
Labor Day    May 01, 2019
Dragon Boat Festival    June 07, 2019
Mid-Autumn Festival    September 13, 2019
National Day    October 10, 2019
National Highlights:
Estimated Population * : 23,200,000
Area Space : 36,000 sq km

Online Radio :

ICRT FM 100.7

Kiss Radio Taiwan 99.9

Hit FM 107.7

UFO Radio 92.1

Philharmonic Radio Taipei 99.7

BCC i radio 96.3

BCC I Like Radio 103.3

Pop Radio FM 91.7

Hit FM 91.5

News 98 FM Radio 98.1

BCC News Radio 657

Best Radio 98.9

Radio Taiwan International

Fly Radio 89.5

Hit FM 90.1

Super FM 99.1

Apple Line 98.7 FM

Classical FM 97.7

Asia FM 92.3

IC Radio Broadcasting 97.5

Online Tv :

Life TV

Good TV

Hwazan TV

Next TV

Wei Xin TV


Da Ai TV

Next TV America

Beautiful Life TV

Da Ai 2

Good TV 2


Next TV News

Local Search engines:

Capital City : Taipei
View map: Taiwan Map

Hotels / Accommodation :

Grand View Resort Beitou

Grandee Taipei Hotel

Gwo Shiuan Hotel

Happiness Hotel

The Corner House

The Landis Taipei Hotel

The Riviera Hotel Taipei

Tokyo International Hotel

Dandy Hotel Da-an

Daylight Hotel

Deja Vu Hotel

Charming City Hotel

Chiao Yua Hotel

City Resort

Harazuru Hotel

Highness Hotel

Europe Garden Motel

Fezamour Motel

Chien Li Fu Hotel

Chuanlai Hotel

Ruei Cheng Hotel

Sanduo Hotel

Gold Sandy Beach Hotel

Golden Beach Inn

Chiayi King Hotel

Childhood Resort

Rainbow Resort Hotel

Sanpo Hotel

Evergreen Laurel Hotel

Harbor View Hotel


National Currency : New Taiwanese Dollar (NT$) / TWD
Today's Exchange Rate:

Currency data courtesy coinmill.com 
Country extension: .tw
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International calling code : 886


Current Local Time :


Major Airports :

Kaohsiung International Airport / KHH

Taichung Airport / RMQ

Taipei Songshan Airport / TSA

Taiwan Taoyuan (Chiang Kai Shek) International Airport / TPE

Lyudao Airport / GNI

Chiayi Airport / CYI

Hengchun Airport / HCN

Hualien Airport / HUN

Magong Airport / MZG

Matsu Beigan Airport / MFK

Matsu Nangan Airport / LZN

Kinmen Airport / KNH

Lanyu Airport / KYD

Qimei Airport / CMJ

Wangan Airport / WOT

Pingtung Airport / PIF

Tainan Airport / TNN

Taitung Airport / TTT

* indicates our estimates, therefore these figures are only accurate in order of magnitude, and not in exactness, and are subject to review.

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