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Search Suriname sites here:                                                                                                                                  Official language: Dutch Other languages: Sranang Tongo (Taki-Taki), English


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Major Newspapers :
De Ware Tijd

Major Banks :

Surinamsche Bank

RBC Royal Bank

Hakrin Bank

Key Government sites :
 Vice President
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Education,
Science and Culture
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
Ministry of Natural Resources
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Regional Development
Ministry of Labour, Technological Development and Environment
Ministry of Physical Planning, Land and Forestry Management
Ministry of Justice and Police
Ministry of Public Health
Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs
National Holidays :
 New Year    January 01, 2019
Revolution Day    February 25, 2019
Holi Phagwa    March 21, 2019
Good Friday    April 19, 2019
Easter Monday    April 22, 2019
Labor Day    May 01, 2019
Eid al-Fitr    June 05, 2019
Freedom Day    July 01, 2019
Indigenous Peoples Day    August 09, 2019
Eid al-Adha    August 12, 2019
Day of the Maroons    October 10, 2019
Diwali    October 27, 2019
Independence Day    November 25, 2019
Christmas Day    December 25, 2019
Boxing Day    December 26, 2019
National Highlights:
Estimated Population * : 490,000
Area Space : 163,265 sq km

Online Radio :

Radio Apintie

Ishara Radio


Online Tv :
Local Search engines:

Capital City : Paramaribo
View map : Suriname Map
Hotels / Accommodation :



Torarica Hotel & Casino


National Currency : Surinamese Dollar / SRD
Today's Exchange Rate:

Currency data courtesy coinmill.com 
Country extension: .sr
Where to get .sr domains?



International calling code : 597


Current Local Time :


Major Airports :

Johan Adolf Pengel  International Airport (Zanderij)

* indicates our estimates, therefore these figures are only accurate in order of magnitude, and not in exactness, and are subject to review.

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