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Major Newspapers :

O Primeiro de Janeiro

O Jogo

A Bola



Diario as Beiras

Diario dos Acores

Diario de Noticias

Correio da Manha

Acoriano Oriental


The Portugal News


Jornal Economico

Portugal Resident

Major Banks :

Central Bank

Caixa Geral de Depositos

Millennium bcp


Banco Internacional do Funchal

Banco Português de Investimento (BPI)

Banco Finantia

Banco Privado Atlantico


Banco Santander Totta S.A./ Banco Popular Portugal

Banco Novo

Banco Monte Pio

Caixa Central de Credito Agricola Mutuo

Key Government sites :
President of the Republic

National Assembly

Health Service

Social Security

Ministry of Justice

National Holidays :
New Year's Day  -  January 01, 2019
Good Friday   - April 19, 2019
Easter Day  -  April 21, 2019
Liberty Day  -  April 25, 2019
Labor Day / May Day  -  May 01, 2019
Portugal Day  -  June 10, 2019
Corpus Christi  -  June 20, 2019
Assumption of Mary  -  August 15, 2019
Republic Implantation   - October 05, 2019
All Saints' Day  -  November 01, 2019
Restoration of Independence    December 01, 2019
Feast of the Immaculate Conception  -  December 08, 2019
Christmas Day  -  December 25, 2019
National Highlights:
Estimated Population * : 10, 250,000
Area Space : 88,941 sq km
Online Radio :
Online Tv :
Local Search engines:

Capital City : Lisbon
View map : Portugal Map
Hotels / Accommodation :
National Currency : Euro (€) / EUR
Today's Exchange Rate:

Currency data courtesy coinmill.com 
Country extension: .pt
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International calling code : 351


Current Local Time :


Major Airports :

Beja Airport / BYJ
BGZ    Braga Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Braga)
BGC    Bragança Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Bragança) (Domestic and International)
LCT    Lisbon-Cascais Regional Airport

(Aeródromo Municipal de Cascais/ CAT

Costa do Estoril (Tires), São Domingos de Rana)
CHV    Chaves Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Chaves)
CBP    Coimbra Airport (Aeródromo Municipal Bissaya Barreto:)
    Espinho Airport (Aeródromo de Espinho)
    Évora Airport (Aeródromo de Évora)
FAO    Faro Airport (Aeroporto Internacional de Faro)
    Maia Airport (Aeródromo Municipal da Maia [Vilar da Luz])
    Mirandela Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Mirandela)
    Monfortinho Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Monfortinho)
Leiria(Gandara) {QLR}    Morargil Airport (Aeródromo de Morargil)
LIS    Lisbon Airport (Aeroporto Internacional Humberto Delgado)
    or: Lisbon Airport (Aeroporto Internacional de Lisboa) (Lisbon/Loures)
PRM    Portimão Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Portimão) {Penina,Alvor}
OPO    Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Aeroporto Internacional Francisco Sá Carneiro)
    Praia Verde Airport (Aeródromo da Praia Verde) (Alturas, Castro Marim, near Tavira)
    Santa Cruz Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Santa Cruz [Torres Vedras])
VRL    Vila Real Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Vila Real){Vila Real/Douro}
VSE    Viseu Airport (Aeródromo Municipal Gonçalves Lobato (Lordosa, Viseu)

Bragança Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Bragança) (Domestic and International) / BGC

Horta Airport (Aeroporto da Horta)  /  HOR
Flores Airport (Aeroporto das Flores)  /  FLW
Graciosa Airport (Aérodromo da Graciosa)  /  GRW
Pico Airport (Aeroporto do Pico)  /  PIX
Santa Maria Airport (Aeroporto de Santa Maria)  /  SMA
São Jorge Airport (Aérodromo de São Jorge)  /  SJZ
João Paulo II Airport (Aeroporto João   /  PDL

Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira Airport / FNC

Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport, Porto / OPO

Porto Santo Airport  / PXO

Faro Airport / FAO

Lisbon Portela Airport / LIS

Coimbra Airport / CBP

Braga Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Braga) (Palmeira) / BGZ

Chaves Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Chaves) / CHV

Lisbon-Cascais Regional Airport (Aeródromo Municipal de Cascais/Costa do Estoril (Tires), São Domingos de Rana) / LCT

* indicates our estimates, therefore these figures are only accurate in order of magnitude, and not in exactness, and are subject to review.

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