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Search Madagascar sites here:                                                                                                                                  Official languages: Malagasy, French


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Major Newspapers :

Madagascar Tribune

Madagascar Matin

Midi Madagasikara

L'Express de Madagascar


Tia Tanindrazana

Mada buzz

Ao Raha

La Depeche Madagascar


Major Banks :

Central Bank



Acces Banque

BFV-Société Générale (BFV-SG)


Key Government sites :

Constitutional High Court

Ministry of Finance and the Budget

Ministry of Commerce and Consumption

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Ministry of the Environment, Ecology and Forests

Madagascar Senate

Committee for the Safeguarding of Integrity

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Transport and Meteorology

Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Ministry of Halieutic Resources and Fisheries

Ministry of the Interior and Decentralisation

National Centre for Research on the Environment

Electronic Visa Application System


National Holidays :

Independence: June 26th

New Year    January 01, 2019
Martyrs' Day    March 29, 2019
Easter Monday    April 22, 2019
Labour Day    May 01, 2019
Ascension Day    May 30, 2019
Whit Monday    June 10, 2019
Independence Day    June 26, 2019
Assumption of Mary    August 15, 2019
All Saints' Day    November 01, 2019
Republic Day    December 11, 2019
Christmas Day    December 25, 2019

National Highlights:
Mobile: Orange
Estimated Population * :17,430,000
Area Space : 587,041 sq km
Online Radio :
Online Tv :

Local Search engines:



Capital City : Antananarivo
View map : Madagascar Map
Hotels / Accommodation :
National Currency : Malagasy Ariary / MGA
Today's Exchange Rate:

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Country extension: .mg
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International calling code :


Current Local Time :

Major Airports :
Ambanja Airport / IVA
Ambalavao Airport
Ambatomainty Airport / AMY
Ambatondrazaka Airport / WAM
Ambilobe Airport / AMB
Ambohijanahary Airport
Ampampamena Airport
Ampanihy Airport AMP
Amparafaravola Airport
Analalava Airport / HVA
Andapa Airport / ZWA
Andavadoaka Airport / DVD
Ankavandra Airport / JVA
Ankazoabo Airport / WAK
Antsirabato Airport / ANM
Ivato International Airport / TNR
Antsalova Airport / WAQ
Antsirabe Airport / ATJ
Arrachart Airport / DIE
Ambalabe Airport / WAI
Ankaizina Airport / WBE
Bekily Airport / OVA
Belo sur Tsiribihina Airport / BMD
Befandriana-Avaratra Airport / WBD
Antsoa Airport / WBO
Besalampy Airport / BPY
Betioky Airport / BKU
Betroka Airport
Doany Airport / DOA
Farafangana Airport / RVA
Fianarantsoa Airport / WFI
Ihosy Airport / IHO
Ilaka-Est Airport(Atsinanana Airport) / ILK
Amborovy Airport (Philibert Tsiranana Airport) / MJN
Mahanoro Airport / VVB
Maintirano Airport / MXT
Malaimbandy Airport / WML
Mampikony Airport / WMP
Manakara Airport / WVK
Mananara Nord Airport / WMR
Mananjary Airport / MNJ
Mandabe Airport / WMD
Mandritsara Airport / WMA
Manja Airport / MJA
Maroantsetra Airport / WMN
Miandrivazo Airport / ZVA
Morafenobe Airport / TVA
Morombe Airport / MXM
Morondava Airport / MOQ
Fascene Airport / NOS
Port Bergé Airport / WPB
Sainte Marie Airport / SMS
Sambava Airport / SVB
Soalala Airport / DWB
Tambohorano Airport / WTA
Samangoky Airport / TDV
Toamasina Airport / TMM
Tôlanaro Airport(Marillac Airport) / FTU
Toliara Airport TLE
Tsaratanana Airport / TTS
Tsiroanomandidy Airport / WTS
Vangaindrano Airport
Vatomandry Airport / VAT
Vohemar Airport / VOH
* indicates our estimates, therefore these figures are only accurate in order of magnitude, and not in exactness, and are subject to review.

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