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Search Lebanon sites here:                                                                                                                                  Official languages: Arabic Other languages: French, English, Armenian, Kurdish, Assyrian, Syriac


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Major Newspapers :

The Daily Star

Al Anwar

Al Balad

Al Bayan

L'Orient Le Jour

Al Binaa



Al Ahed

El Kalima

El Marada

Al Joumhouria

Al Khabar

New Orient News


Only Lebanon

Al Mustaqbal

Inn Lebanon


At Tamaddon

El Nashra

Aztag Daily (In Armenian)

Zartonk Daily (In Armenian)

Kifah Arabi

El Sharq

Al Liwaa


An Nabaa

As Safir

Ararad Daily cc am

Al Manar News

Al Nafez News

Al Massira

Al Shiraa

At Takwa

Sidonia News


Magazine l'Hebdo

Lebanon Files

Lebanese Forces


National News Agency

Beirut Online


Al Haraka

Lebanon 24

Lebanon Debate

Lebanon News Network

Lebanese Center of Media Service














Major Banks :


Banque du Liban

Bank Audi

Bank Med (Banque de la Méditerranée)

Byblos Bank
Audi Saradar Bank

Bank of Beirut
Banque du Liban et d’Outre-Mer S.A.L. (B.L.O.M. BANK)

Crédit Libanais

Federal Bank of Lebanon
Banque Libano Francaise


Banque Pharaon & Chiha
Société Bancaire du Liban
Banque Libano-Francaise
Banque libanaise pour le Commerce S.A.L. (B.L.C. Bank)
Banque de l'industrie et du travail S.A.L. (B.I.T. BANK)
Banque européenne pour le Moyen-Orient S.A.L. (B.E.M.O. Bank)
Banque de Crédit National (B.C.N.)
Société Générale de Banque au Liban S.A.L. (S.G.B.L.)
Société Nouvelle de la Banque de Syrie et du Liban
Al-Mawarid Bank
Arab Investment Bank

Bank Al Madina

Banque de la Bekaa
Banque de l’Habitat
Banque Lati S.A.L.
Lebanese Canadian Bank

Lebanese Swiss Bank

FFA Private Bank
Finance Bank
First National Bank
Méditerranée Investment Bank
Near East Commercial Bank
Warka Bank for investment and finance

Arab Bank
Arab Finance House
Banque Misr Liban
Banca Di Roma S.P.A
Bank of Kuwait And The Arab World
Banque Nationale de Paris “Intercontinentale”
HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
Standard Chartered Bank
Lebanese Islamic Bank
Lebanon & Gulf Bank
Syrian Lebanese Commercial Bank
National Bank of Kuwait (Lebanon)


Key Government sites :


Government Information Portal

Parliament (Majlis)

Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants

Ministry of Public Health

Ministry of Justice

National Holidays :
New Year    January 01, 2019
St Maron's Day    February 09, 2019
Feast of the Annunciation    March 25, 2019
Good Friday    April 19, 2019
Easter Monday    April 22, 2019
Worker's Day    May 01, 2019
Eid al-Fitr    June 05, 2019
Eid ul Fitr Day Two    June 06, 2019
Eid al-Adha    August 12, 2019
Feast of the Assumption    August 15, 2019
Muharram    September 01, 2019
First Day of Ashura    September 09, 2019
The Prophet's Birthday    November 10, 2019
Independence Day    November 22, 2019
Christmas Day    December 25, 2019

National Highlights:
Estimated Population * : 4,580,000
Area Space : 10,400 sq km

Online Radio :

Radio One 105.5 FM

Light FM 90.5

Mix FM 104.4

Energy Lebanon 99.1 FM or NRJ

Sawt El Ghad 96.7 FM

Sawt El Mada 92.5 FM

Al Salam 90.3 FM

Radio Liban Libre 102.5 FM

Nostalgie Liban 88.1 FM or Nostalgie Radio

Sawt El Noujoum Radio 95.9 FM

Voix du Liban 93.3 FM

Cedars Radio 89.9 FM

Al Nour 91.7 FM or Al Nour Radio

Radio Liban Culture 92.3 FM

RFX Radio Beirut 107.7 FM

Radio Rotana Delta 101.7 FM

Fajr Radio 104.9 FM

Nidaa Al Maarifa

Voice of Van 94.7 FM

Radio Yan (In Armenian)

Radio Sevan (In Armenian)

Radio Sahar

Melody FM

Radio Orient 88.3 FM

Voice of Gospel 94.5 FM

Jaras Scoop Radio Lebanon 100.9 FM

Radio Strike 97.7 FM

Radio Charity 106.1 FM

Pax Radio 103 FM

Free Palestine Radio

Radio Scope 101.3 FM

AWR Al Waad Radio

Vibe Lebanon

Al Balad 106.5 FM

Online Tv :

Future TV ****

Al Mayadeen TV ***

Noursat TV




Quds TV


MTV Lebanon

TV Charity

Al Jadeed TV

Al Manar or Manar TV

Palestine Al Youm

Tele Liban

Arab Woman TV

Afaq TV


Arabica Music

Al Iman TV

Al Waad TV

Mara 7 TV

Armenia Liberty


Local Search engines:

Capital City : Beirut
View map : Lebanon Map
Hotels / Accommodation :

Diana Tower Hotel
Dreams Suites Hotel
Dynasty Suite Hotel
Elegant Suites Hotel
Elysee Residence
Embassy Hotel
Etoile Suites Hotel

Al Yasmine Guest House
Murex Hotel

Murex Hotel Apartments
Palazzo Furnished Apartments

Platinum Hotel

Rest House

Alpine Hotel

La Grande Ourse Hotel

L'Auberge Des Cedres

Le Cedrus Suites Hotel

City Suite Aley Hotel

HighLand Hotel

Kayan Hotel Apartments

Chateau Deau Hotel

Coint Vert Hotel

L'auberge De Faqra

Tamer Land Hotel

Austria Apartments
Aux Cimes Du MZaar Hotel

Aqualand Hotel And Resort

Batroun Village Club

San Stephano Resort

Sawary Beach Hotel

Bauhaus Chalets Hotel
Bauhaus Motel
Cedars Palace Hotel

Hotel Chbat
Hotel L'Aiglon

Mon Refuge Hotel
Palace Hostel Bsharry

Palace Hotel Bsharry
St Bernard Hotel

Eleven Hotel
Faraya Village Club

InterContinental Mzaar Lebanon Mountain Resort & Spa
Terre Brune Hotel

Troy Hotel Faqra
Urban Faqra Hotel

Ewa Furnished Apartments

Kanaan Hotel
King's Suites Hotel
La Cigale Hotel
Lahoya Garden Hotel
Lahoya Homes Hotel
Lahoya Suites Hotel
Le Bristol
Le Dix Hotel
Le Duroy Hotel

Ahiram Hotel Byblos
Aleph Boutique Hotel
Byblos Comfort Hotel
Byblos Fishing Club Guesthouse

Byblos Guest House
Byblos Palace Hotel
Byblos Sur Mer Hotel
Canari De Byblos Hotel

Eddesands Hotel And Wellness Resort E Boutique
Hotel King George
L'Hotel De Mon Pere

Monoberge Hotel
Salameh Hotel
Victory Byblos Hotel & Spa

Le Marly Hotel
Le Royal Beirut Hotel
Legend Hotel Beirut
Marble Tower Hotel
Mayflower Hotel
Mediterranee Hotel
Moevenpick Hotel And Resort Beirut
Monroe Hotel
Napoleon Hotel
Napoli Hotel

Santona Residence
Seaside Furnished Flats Hotel
Sky Suites Hotel
Staybridge Suites Beirut Hotel
Suite Hotel
Suite Annex Hotel
Takaya Suites Hotel
Talal Hotel
Tamar Rotana

Acropolis Hotel
Adma Blue Screen Hotel
Almond Blooms Guest House
Aquarium Hotel
Arcada Marina Hotel
Bay Lodge Boutique Hotel
Bel Azur Hotel
Camelot Hotel

Holiday Suites Hotel & Beach Resort
Hollywood Inn Hotel
Hotel Xperience
Kandiel Furnished Apartments
Laforge Residence
Leone Residence Hotel
Luxor Hotel
Madisson Hotel

Marbella Hotel
Portaluna Hotel
Portemilio Hotel & Resort
Princessa Hotel
Queens Land Hotel
Real Lux Appartment
Regency Boutique Hotel
Regency Palace Hotel

Reston Hotel
Rivoli Palace Hotel
Saint Jean Hotel
Siena Hotel
Sunrise Hotel
Vanda Hotel
Villa Harissa Hotel
Zoukotel Hotel


National Currency : Lebanese Pound / LBP



Today's Exchange Rate:

Currency data courtesy coinmill.com 
Country extension: .lb
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International calling code :



Current Local Time :

Major Airports :

Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (Beirut Air Base) / BEY

Rene Mouawad Air Base (Kleyate Airport) / KYE

* indicates our estimates, therefore these figures are only accurate in order of magnitude, and not in exactness, and are subject to review.

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