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Democratic Republic of the Congo(Congo-Kinshasa)

Flag :Congo_flag

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Search Democratic Republic of the Congo sites here:                                                                                                                                  Official languages: French Other languages: Lingala, Kikongo, Swahili, Tshiluba


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Major Newspapers :

Le Congolais

La Prosperite




Major Banks :

Central Bank of Congo


FBN Bank

Equity Bank

Access Bank


Standard Bank


Trust Merchant Bank

Key Government sites :


Prime Minister

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Health

Official Journal

Ministry of the Budget

National Agency for the Promotion of Investments



National Holidays :
 New Year's Day    January 01, 2019
Martyrs of Independence Day    January 04, 2019
Anniversary of President Laurent Kabila’s Assassination    January 16, 2019
Anniversary of Prime Minister Patrice Emery Lumumba’s Assassination    January 17, 2019
May Day    May 01, 2019
Liberation Day    May 17, 2019
Independence Day observed    June 29, 2019
Independence Day    June 30, 2019
Parents' Day    August 01, 2019
Christmas Day    December 25, 2019
National Highlights:
Estimated Population * : 75,600,000
Area Space : 2,345,409 sq km
Online Radio :
Online Tv :
Local Search engines:

Capital City : Kinshasa
View map: Democratic Republic of the Congo Map
Hotels / Accommodation :
National Currency : Congolese Franc / CDF
Today's Exchange Rate:

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Country extension: .cd
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International calling code :


Current Local Time :

Major Airports :
Aba Airport
Abumumbazi Airport
Aketi Airport
Bandundu Airport / FDU
Banga Airport
Basankusu Airport / BSU
Basongo Airport / BAN
Beni Airport / BNC
Wageni Airport
Beni-Dibele Airport
Bibanga Airport
Bindja Airport
Binga Airport
Boende Airport / BNB
Bokela Airport
Bokoro Airport
Basengele Airport
Bokungu Airport
Bolila Airport
Boma International Airport pending
Boma Airport / BOA
Bongimba Airport
Bonkita Airport

Kavumu Airport / BKY
Bukena Airport
Bumba Airport / BMB
Bunia Airport / BUX
Busala Airport
Buta Zega Airport / BZU
Dekese Airport
Diboko Airport
Dikungu Airport
Dilolo Airport
Bambili-Dingila Airport
Djokele Airport
Doko Airport
Doruma Airport
Dungu-Uye Airport
Engengele Airport
Faradje Airport
Fungurume Airport
Gbadolite Airport / BDT
Gemena Airport / GMA
Goma International Airport / GOM
Goyongo Airport
Gwaka Airport
Idiofa Airport / IDF
Idumbe Airport
Ikela Airport / IKL
Ilebo Airport / PFR
Inga Airport
Ingende Airport
Inongo Airport / INO
Ipeke Airport
Ishasha Airport
Matari Airport / IRP

Kabalo Airport / KBO
Tunta Airport / KBN

Kahemba Airport
Kailo Airport
Kajiji Airport
Kala Airport
Kalemie Airport / FMI
Kinkungwa Airport / KLY
Kamisuku Airport
Kamina Airport / KMN
Kamituga Airport
Kampene Airport
Kananga Airport / KGA
Kaniama Airport / KNM
Kansimba Airport
Kapanga Airport / KAP
Karawa Airport
Kasaji Airport
Kasenga Airport / KEC
Kasese Airport

Kasongo Airport
Kasongo Lunda Airport / KGN
Katako'kombe Airport
Katale Airport
Katwe Airport

Kempile Airport
Kenge Airport
Wamba Airport
Kikwit Airport / KKW
Kindu Airport / KND
N'Djili International Airport(Kinshasa Int'l) / FIH
N'Dolo Airport / NLO
Kipushia Airport
Basango Mboliasa Airport / KRZ
Bangoka International Airport / FKI
Kisenge Airport
Kole Sur Lukenie Airport
Nkolo-Fuma Airport / NKL
Kolwezi Airport / KWZ
Kongolo Airport / KOO
Kwilu-Ngongo Airport
Libenge Airport / LIE

Lisala Airport / LIQ
Lodja Airport / LJA
Lokutu Airport
Lombo Airport - Closed
Lomela Airport
Lubao Airport
Lubero Airport
Lubondaie Airport
Lubudi Airport
Lubumbashi International Airport / FBM
Luebo Airport
Luena Airport
Lugushwa Airport
Luishi Airport
Luiza Airport / LZA
Lukala Airport
Lulingu Tshionka Airport
Luniemu Airport
Lunkuni Airport
Luozi Airport LZI
Kashia Airport
Lusambo Airport LBO
Lusanga Airport - Closed LUS
Lusinga Airport
Luvua Airport
Malebo Airport
Mangai Ii Airport- Closed
Manono Airport MNO
Manzalele Airport
Masi-Manimba Airport MSM
Matadi Tshimpi Airport MAT
Mbandaka Airport MDK
Mboie Airport
Mbuji Mayi Airport MJM
Mitwaba Airport
Moba Airport BDV
Moga Airport
Mokaria-Yamoleka Airport
Moma Airport
Mombongo Airport
Mongo Wa Kenda Airport
Monkoto Airport
Mpaka Airport
Muanda Airport MNB
Mukedi Airport
Mukoy Airport
Mulungu Airport
Munkamba Airport
Musese Airport
Mushie Airport
Mutena Airport
Mutshatsha Airport
Mvula Sanda Airport
Mwadingusha Airport
Mweka Airport MEW
Mwene-Ditu Airport
Nioki Airport NIO
Nyanga Airport
Nyunzu Airport
Nzamba Airport
Nzovu Airport
Obaye Airport
Oshwe Airport
Pepa Airport
Popokabaka Airport
Punia Airport PUN
Punia-Basenge Airport
Pweto Airport PWO
Rutshuru Airport
Rwindi Airport
Sandoa Airport
Saulia Airport
Semendua Airport
Shabunda Airport
Tandala Airport
Tingi-Tingi Airport
Tshikaji Airport
Kalonda Airport
Tshikapa Airport TSH
Tshimpumpu Airport
Tshumbe Airport
Vanga Airport
Watsa Airport
Wembo Airport
Yalingimba Airport
Yemo Airport
Celo-Zongo Airport
* indicates our estimates, therefore these figures are only accurate in order of magnitude, and not in exactness, and are subject to review.

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