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Search Colombia sites here:                                                                                                                                  Official languages: Spanish

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Major Newspapers :
El Heraldo
El Colombiano
El Tiempo
El Pais
Q Hubo
Revista La Ciudad
El Espectador

Major Banks :
Central Bank
Agrarian Bank
Banco de Bogota
Davivienda International

Key Government sites :


House of Representatives

Strategic Information


Ministry of Education

Ministry of the Environment

Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of Health and Social Protection

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

Ministry of Information Technology and Communication

Ministry of Transport


Drug Observatory

National Library

Open Data


National Department of Planning


Colombian Consulate in London

Colombian Consulate in Miami

National Holidays :
 Independence - July 20th
New Year's Day    January 01, 2019
Epiphany    January 07, 2019
Saint Joseph's Day    March 25, 2019
Maundy Thursday    April 18, 2019
Good Friday    April 19, 2019
Labor Day / May Day    May 01, 2019
Ascension Day    June 03, 2019
Corpus Christi    June 24, 2019
Sacred Heart    July 01, 2019
Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul    July 01, 2019
Independence Day    July 20, 2019
Battle of Boyacá Day    August 07, 2019
Assumption of Mary    August 19, 2019
Columbus Day    October 14, 2019
All Saints' Day    November 04, 2019
Independence of Cartagena    November 11, 2019
Feast of the Immaculate Conception    December 08, 2019
Christmas Day    December 25, 2019

National Highlights:
 Celebrates it's bicentennary !
Estimated Population * : 43,000,000
Area Space : 1.142 million sq km
Online Radio :
Online Tv :
Local Search engines:

Capital City : Bogota
View map: Colombia Map
Hotels / Accommodation :
National Currency : Colombian Peso / COP
Today's Exchange Rate:

Currency data courtesy coinmill.com 
Country extension: .co
Where to get .co domains?


International calling code :


Current Local Time :

Major Airports :
Antonio Roldán Betancourt Airport / APO  
Santiago Pérez Quiroz Airport   / AUC
El Edén International Airport   / AXM
José Celestino Mutis Airport  /  BSC
Yariguíes Airport  /  EJA
Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport  /  BAQ
El Dorado International Airport  /  BOG
Flaminio Suárez Camacho Airport    
Palonegro International Airport  /  BGA
Gerardo Tobar López Airport  /  BUN
Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport  / CLO
Rafael Núñez International Airport  /  CTG
Santa Ana Airport  /  CRC
Las Brujas Airport  /  CZU
Camilo Daza International Airport  /  CUC
El Alcaraván Airport (El Yopal Airport)  /  EYP
Gustavo Artunduaga Paredes Airport  /  FLA
Santiago Vila Airport   / GIR
Juan Casiano Airport  /  GPI
Perales Airport  /  IBE
Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport  /  LET
La Nubia Airport  /  MZL
Mariquita Airport  /  MQU
Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport  /  EOH
José María Córdova International Airport  /  MDE
Fabio Alberto León Bentley Airport  /  MVP
Los Garzones Airport  /  MTR
Benito Salas Airport  /  NVA
Antonio Nariño Airport   / PSO
Matecaña International Airport   / PEI
Guillermo León Valencia Airport  /  PPN
El Embrujo Airport  /  PVA
Tres de Mayo Airport  /  PUU
Germán Olano Airport  /  PCR
El Caraño Airport  /  UIB
Almirante Padilla Airport  /  RCH
Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Int'l Airport   / ADZ
Jorge Enrique González Torres Airport  /  SJE
Eduardo Falla Solano Airport  /  SVI
Simón Bolívar International Airport  /  SMR
Los Colonizadores Airport  /  RVE
Gabriel Vargas Santos Airport   / TME
Golfo de Morrosquillo Airport   / TLU
La Florida Airport  /  TCO
Alfonso López Pumarejo Airport  /  VUP
Vanguardia Airport  /  VVC
* indicates our estimates, therefore these figures are only accurate in order of magnitude, and not in exactness, and are subject to review.

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