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Major Newspapers :
 Bulgarian News Agency
Major Banks :
 Bulgarian National Bank
Key Government sites :
Road Infrastructure Agency
Bulgarian Stock Exchange
National Assembly
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Tourism
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works
Ministry of Defence
Invest Bulgaria Agency
Point of Single Contact
American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria
Communications Regulation Commission
Center for the Study of Democracy
Bulgarian Posts

Pleven Medical University
National Holidays :
National Highlights:
Estimated Population * : 8,520,000
Area Space : 110 994 sq km
Online Radio :Bulgarian Radio
Online Tv : Bulgaria National Television
Local Search engines:

Capital City : Sofia
View map : Bulgaria Map
Bulgaria Base Printable Map
Hotels / Accommodation :
National Currency : Bulgarian Lev / BGN
Today's Exchange Rate:

Currency data courtesy coinmill.com 
Country extension: .bg
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International calling code :


Current Local Time :

Major Airports :

Sofia Airport  /  SOF
Burgas Airport  /  BOJ
Varna Airport   / VAR
Plovdiv Airport  /  PDV
Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport  /  GOZ

Balchik Airfield   
Bohot Airfield   
Grivitza Airfield   
Dolna Bania Airfield   
Erden Airfield   
Izgrev Airfield   
Ihtiman Airfield   
Kaynardzha Airfield   
Lesnovo Airfield   
Polikraishte Airfield   
Primorsko Airfield
* indicates our estimates, therefore these figures are only accurate in order of magnitude, and not in exactness, and are subject to review.

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