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Major Newspapers :

Nasha Niva

Novy Chas

Minskiy Kurier

Nasha Slova


Narodya Volya

Major Banks :

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

Alfa Bank

Belarus Bank

Bel Investment Bank

BTA Bank

Fransa Bank

TC Bank

Zepter Bank


Key Government sites :

Council of Ministers

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Transport

Ministry of Architecture and Construction

Supreme Court

Sov Republic

Legal Portal

Department of Security

Prosecutor General's Office

Constitutional Court

Civil Aviation Authority

National Holidays :
January 01, 2019        New Year's Day
January 07, 2019        Orthodox Christmas Day
March 08, 2019        Women's Day
March 15, 2019        Constitution Day
April 02, 2019        Union Day of Belarus and Russia
May 01, 2019        Labour Day
May 07, 2019        Radonitsa
May 09, 2019        Victory Day
July 03, 2019        Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus
November 07, 2019        October Revolution Day
December 25, 2019        Catholic Christmas Day
National Highlights:
Estimated Population * : 11,200,000
Area Space : 207,595 sq km
Online Radio :
Online Tv :
Local Search engines:

Capital City : Minsk
View map : Belarus Map
Belarus Static Map
Hotels / Accommodation :
National Currency : Belarusian Ruble / BYR
Today's Exchange Rate:

Currency data courtesy coinmill.com 
Country extension: .by
Where to get .by domains?

International calling code :


Current Local Time :

Major Airports :
Brest Airport / BQT
Gomel Airport / GME
Hrodna Airport / GNA

Minsk National Airport (Minsk-2) / MSQ
Mogilev Airport / MVQ
Vitebsk Vostochny Airport / VTB
* indicates our estimates, therefore these figures are only accurate in order of magnitude, and not in exactness, and are subject to review.

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